Blanche Maurice


I’m a french game developer loving its craft and learning from it every day.

I’m passionate by every aspect of game creation (either digital or physical) and I work hard to get the most out of myself in every project.

Putting myself out my comfort zone makes me progress and the knowledge gained this way improves my understanding of what is a game and of the best practices to develop it.

I love helping my teammates and being someone whom you can count on.

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Internship at IFCE
Apr 2015

Job - Web Developer

Duration: 2 months

Design of the mockup of the enterprise's website in the context of their public relations renewal.

Student projects at Ludus Académie

Video game - Construct2 / Unity / UDK

Duration: 2 years

5 projects made in group or alone during the school years. Different video games realized with Unity 4, UDK 3, Construct2.

Internship at Dépot Express
Apr 2013

Job - Web Developer

Duration: 2 months

Design of the mockup of an e-commerce site for an ironmongery.

Internship at Bajoo
Sep 2012

Job - Community Manager

Duration: 2 months

Promoting the storage software Bajoo on IT forums.

Student projects at Exia.Cesi

Software - C / C# / PHP / Java

Duration: 2 years

7 projects made in group during the school years. Multiple management softwares written in different languages and one enterprise network quote.