Beer Fight!


Personal project

Start - End:

02 Dec 2017 - 05 Dec 2017


Unity 5 / C#

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Beer Fight! gives you the role of a bartender trying to prevent customers to get angry and fight inside his bar. You have to throw beers according to the demands of customers to satisfy them but the more they drink, the quicker they’re going to get mad. In the end a general brawl is inevitable, your goal is to resist the longest before it happens.

I created this game during the Ludum Dare 40 in a 72H time span, the theme was “the more you have, the worse it is”. The alcohol was an obvious answer but I chose to design nearly all mechanics around this theme: the more customers you have at the same time, the harder the game becomes; the more mistakes you have made, the quicker the game will end; the more time you have spent on a game, the less time you’ll have to serve customers; …

I started my design process by thinking about the platforms I wanted to target and the controls used, I included Android and this affected many decisions: the vertical layout / staging the player at the bottom of the screen with interactions that only “goes up” / bouncing beers on walls / minimalist UI. For the moment the game is available only for PC and supports keyboard + mouse and Xbox controllers inputs.

Below you'll find the game executable and the source code with the Unity project.