Personal project

Start - End:

23/01/17 - 27/02/17


Unity 5.5 / C# / Audacity

Team size:


My role:

Game designer / Programmer / Sound designer



Repulsar is a local multiplayer game up to 4 players using XBOX controllers. Each player controls a planet able to emit waves to modify its interactions with other elements and change its own mass. To win, a player has to push others outside of the game space or destroy them by various means: touch them with special waves, push them on big asteroids, on other players...

The game draws inspiration from Asteroids and Super Smash Bros Brawl, searching for a balance between loose controls (conveying the feeling to be in space) and nervous / high stakes gameplay. Nearly every element of the game is lethal, adding more tensions to planet's movement and emphasizing the need to master the physics of it.

This project started during the Global Game Jam 2017 and after that I spent 5 intensive weeks (over 300 hours) working on it, I wrote the entire program, built the game in Unity, created the particles effects and mixed the sounds and musics. I worked with Paul-Thomas Ravel who did all the 3D models, textures and 2D sprites.

I learned a lot during this project: I took back my lessons on classical mechanics and vectors, I used Audacity for the 1st time, this was the 1st multiplayer game I implemented and this made me discover many functions in Unity that I never used before.

A lot of the particles effects and every sound and music are based on CC0 license materials or free Unity Assets Store package, an exhaustive credits list is present in the game menu. Assets coming from Unity Assets Store don't allow redistribution outside of being integrated component of a game, thus I can't share the whole project folder but if you're interested just send me an email and I will give you a copy of the project without them and instructions on how to get and include missing assets.