Student projects Exia.Cesi

My 2 first years of studies were spent at the school Exia (branch of the group Cesi) in Écully, France. There, software development, enterprise network and system management are teached. At the end I obtained the 'Analyste Programmeur' degree, level 3 title registered on the RNCP (french register of national certifications), equivalent to an associate degree.

Here are the projects made in group these 2 years.

Professional orientation survey C# SOA

04/2013 - Duration : 8 days - Team of 5 - C# / MS SQLServer 2008

Mission : Create a survey questionnaire about professional orientation in C# complying with SOA architecture (Service-Oriented Architecture).

Tools: C# with .NET framework, Microsoft SQLServer 2008 R2, SVN server and TortoiseSVN clients.

Enterprise network quote

01/2013 - Duration : 8 days - Team of 4 - Cisco Packet Tracer / Windows Server 2008

Mission : Plan and install a network for a fictional enterprise which we possessed the offices' plan.

Tools: Cisco Packet Tracer to simulate and modify the network, Windows Server 2008 R2 as central system management unit.

We've started in a situation where offices weren't equipped at all, we had to design the network then search the appropriate equipments on internet to estimate the costs. Also we had installed Windows Server on a computer and configured an Active Directory and a DNS.

J-Sim Forest

12/2012 - Duration : 5 days - Team of 3 - Java

Mission : Realize a simulation of forest growth in the same manner as the Game Of Life of John Horton Conway.

Tools: Java with the graphic library Swing.

I collaborated on the software architecture and wrote the interface's code.

E-commerce site

05/2012 - Duration : 8 days - Team of 4 - PHP / MySQL / Web

Mission : Design and realize an e-commerce site to sell cultural products.

Tools: PHP 5, MySQL 5, HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript / JQuery.

The website is made up of a back-end and a front-end, I did the global architecture and the basket system.

Aquatic sports enterprise management C#

03/2012 - Duration : 5 days - Team of 4 - C# / Access

Mission : Realize a software to manage staff, stocks and invoices of a fictional aquatic sports enterprise.

Tools: C# wit .NET framework, Microsoft Office Access, SVN server and VisualSVN integrated in Visual Studio.

The specifications given were already well completed, this project was focused on realising the software. I wrote the interface's code and installed / managed the SVN server.

Labyrinth C

12/2011 - Duration : 5 days - Team of 3 - C / Win32 console

Mission : Realize a labyrinth game in ASCII on the Win32 console of Windows 7.

Tools: C only.

1st project of school years, this one was concentrated on the ability to code and follow specifications.