Student projects Ludus Académie

Aiming to get closer to my passion, game design, I enrolled in Ludus Académie in Strasbourg, France. For 2 years I followed the game design courses teached by Thomas Planques, along with courses of software development / web development / compilation theory.

I ended my studies with the acquisition of an European Diploma of Higher Studies Digital and Multimedia Techniques awarded by the FEDE. It's equivalent to a bachelor degree.

Here are the projects realized during these 2 years.

A Wolf's Life

10/2014 > 12/2014 - Duration : 2 months - Team of 5 - Unity 4

Mission : Create a game which mechanisms are vectors of story telling.

Tools: Construct2 to create the prototype, Unity 4 to realize the game, Dropbox.


12/2014 - Duration : 3h - Duo - Java / Android

Mission : Port an existing game written in Basic to Android in Java.

Tools: Android Studio (IDE + Android SDK) and Java.

In the context of an examination, the test consisted in porting the logic game Numeration (written in Basic on an old magazine) to Android in Java.

Power Temple

05/2014 > 06/2014 - Duration : 1 month - Team of 4 - Construct2

Mission : Design and realize a game with for unique instruction the painting "La Maison Carrée, les Arènes et la Tour Magne à Nîmes" of Hubert Robert.

Tools: Construct2 to realize the game, Dropbox.

We have created a 2D side-scrolling action / platformer game with rooms filled with traps and monsters.

As the player progress in the levels, he's gonna find new weapons which enables him to approach fights differently.

Golden Nuts

03/2014 - Duration : 4h - Duo - Illustrator

Mission : Write a document presenting a fictional game level which introduce a new feature.

Tools: Illustrator CS6 to design situations.

On this work we have choosed to iterate on a 3D action / platformer game like Crash Bandicoot, Croc Legend of the Gobbos, ... The level presented is the one that introduce the player to the combat system, the concern is to be sure that the player has correctly acquired the bases by the end of the level.

To design the different situations, we started by clearly defining the gameplay elements then the objects and landmarks inside the level.

Cubic puzzle

01/2014 - Duration : 15h - Solo - UDK 3 / Illustrator

Mission : From a simple mechanism, create a succession of situations showcasing variations on at least 2 gameplay variables.

Tools: Some Lego and Illustrator CS6 to design situations, Unreal Development Kit 3 to realize them.

I choosed as core mecanism the shifting of cubes, to permit it I modified the behaviour of the Unreal Tournament's Physics Gun in UnrealScript. I also modified the properties of the Pawn in the same manner to tweak the jump physics and the height of the camera.

This exercise allowed me to learn how to use Illustrator.